Charles Finder, known among friends and colleagues as Chick, began painting in 2004.
For Mr. Finder, painting was a natural progression from photography, a longtime hobby
that began when he inherited a bellows camera from his father.

On travels throughout North America, South America, Africa, the Middle-East and Europe, Mr. Finder photographed architecture, landscapes, still-lifes and people. Many of these photos have since become source material for his paintings.

Mr. Finder paints with watercolors or acrylics. In addition to painting from his own
photographs, Mr. Finder has been commissioned to create paintings of private
residences and sailing vessels (using the owners’ favorite pictures), as well as public

buildings such as the Stamford Public Library. An avid photographer to this day, Mr. Finder
continues to capture interesting images – both for his own enjoyment and to be the
subjects of future paintings.

Educated as an engineer, Mr. Finder spent the major portion of his business career in the textile printing business. Throughout his career, he gained an appreciation of color and form, and developed a deep understanding of their relationship. This understanding, along with his experience as a photographer, helps guide his artwork.

Now retired from the business world, he continues to pursue his love of art by painting
daily, and studying with professional artists and teachers.

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