Mr. Finder will paint a special piece of your home, garden, sailing vessel, etc.  The piece can be based on a photograph that he takes, or one that you provide. Each commissioned work is unique, and can be displayed in your home or office, or given as a gift to family, friends or clients. Contact the artist for more information.

         DESIRE                                         11 X 14"

STAMFORD HOME                                   14 X 11"

THOMAS & TJ                                             15 X 11"

  LADY Q                                                   12 X18"

RIVERSIDE HOME                               14 X 11"

 MIL'S PARK                                         11X 14"

SCARLET SLIPPERS                                   22 X 36"

   SUPRISE                                                            11 X 14"

JUDY'S FLOWERS                                            11 X 14"

FERGUSON  LIBRARY                                16 X 20"

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